Cult with Javi Redondo & Odd Oswald

Line up:

Javi Redondo
Odd Oswald

Javi Redondo
(Correspondent, SP)

Odd Oswald
(Ellum / Suara / High:Controla, SP)

Javi Redondo started DJing in the 90s in his hometown of Cordoba in the south of Spain before moving to Madrid, where he still resides today. There he crafted a career that would later help evolve and define Spain’s electronic music scene, making him one of the most significant characters in the Spanish scene today. This trajectory has also allowed him to showcase his eclecticism and musical background with appearances all over Europe in clubs like Fabric in London, Rex in Paris and the fabled Panorama Bar in Berlin.

Javi’s rise began in Madrid’s iconic club Sport where he spent five years as resident DJ and was also responsible for the club’s programming. It was in this 200 person capacity club and its solid sound system that he proved himself a resourceful DJ with a very wide vision. Here he developed his own genre defying personal style, distinct in his ability to successfully mix down beat rarities with a mixture of different sounds and genres ranging from disco and techno to post-punk and everything in between.

With that he secured (2015 – early 2017) a much coveted spot over at Madrid’s beloved Mondo Disko, which is revered as one of Europe’s finest underground music clubs, where he played alongside some of the biggest names in dance music like, Âme, Roman Flügel, Lena Willikens, Kink and Ellen Allien among others.
In addition to DJing, Javi’s productions have begun to gain traction in the world of electronic music. He started honing his skills back in 2007 but it wasn’t until 2012 that he became serious about it. Since then his music has appeared on labels such as Meant, My Favorite Robot, Astrolab and Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant, which is the imprint that he calls home and where he has released the most music.

In the past 2 years Javi’s productions found a strong support list including the likes of Dixon, Ben UFO, Laurent Garnier, Andrew Weatherall, Axel Boman, Mano Le Tough, Ivan Smagghe and many more of underground’s music royalty. His productions and his sets share a particular eclecticism and uncompromising passion for dissimilar sounds that Javi fuses with ability and technique. His open-mindedness and unique expression is what defines Javi Redondo as an artist and he is often quoted saying “I will get bored just working with just one style”.

Olivia Wycech
(Mixmag Magazine)

(The name taken from a recently deceased German/French grandfather) Oswald is the musical product of the emotional, mechanical and spastic sides of his own adult nature. Hailing from San Francisco’s warehouse party gutters, with a residency at the infamous As You Like It, and after having moved to Barcelona Spain in 2013, and joining Odd Parents (Ellum), Oswald (the creepy Uncle in “Odd Parents”) had come into fruition. Oswald found that his ears were still in tact after many adventures through Europe with Odd Parents and the Ellum Audio family, so while back home in his bright white attic watching horror movies, he started working the new solo project, Odd Oswald. The sound is odd, dark and “fill in the blank”. In this “blank” void lies the secrets of Oswalds productions, dj sets, and favorite family vacationing spots. After a successful residency at Maceo Plex’s ‘Mosaic by Maceo’ party in Ibiza, he started his own two residencies, with his infamous “Cult” brand, in Barcelona’s underground club scene. Odd Oswald has also shed blood at various underground clubs in Europe and South America. His latest releases include a remix release on Cumhur Jay’s High:Controla label, also a full edits EP release on High:Controla, and a release with Stephan Barnem on Coyu’s Suara label. More releases are planned for 2018…a bloodbath shall ensue.


Jun 29 2018


16:45 - 23:00


La Terrrazza Atmospherical fun club
La Terrrazza Atmospherical fun club, Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

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